Bafang DP C01.UART C961 Mid Motor LCD Display Meter
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Bafang DP C01.UART C961 Mid Motor LCD Display Meter

Product Description


Core Data

Display Type:LCD

Display:Segment Display

Nominal Voltage:24/36/48 DCV

Support Modes:0-3 / 0-5 / 0-9

Mounting Parameters

Comm Protocol:UART

Dimensions:107/58/70 mm

Handlebar for Holding:Ø 22.2/25.4/31.8 mm

Displayed Information

Current Speed (km/h) Yes

Maximum Speed (km/h) Yes

Average Speed (km/h) Yes

Duration Single Trip Yes

Distance Single Trip Yes

Total Distance Yes

Reset Duration S.T. Yes

Reset Distance S.T. Yes

Battery Level Yes

Error Code Display Yes

Walk Boost Yes

Backlight Yes

Input Wheel Diameter Yes

Tests & Certifications

IP-Code IP 65

Certifications CE / EN 15194 / REACH



Do not plug in or unplug this display when the power to the unit is on.

Avoid collisions.

Protect the display’s membrane to provide water resistant performance.

Do not attempt to reset parameters if the display is not working.



Install the display and button control on the handlebar and adjust its location. Plug it into the controller with power off.



Product Category


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