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  • Q How much extra weight does an eRoad bike have?

    A Specially developed engines for e-bikes are generally lighter than conventional e-bike engines. Together with the battery, this results in an additional weight of approximately 4 kg. Apart from the weight, however, you should also pay attention to a compact design. The Bafang M800 drive system sets standards for both criteria.
  • Q Are there additional batteries for the eRoad system?

    A No problem: additional batteries are available from your local dealer. In this way you can significantly increase the range of your eRoad bike, for example for brevets and other long distance tours.
  • Q Can an eRoad bike also be ridden without a battery?

    A This is possible without any problems. This reduces the weight and the eRoad bike rides like any other racing bike.
  • Q What are the advantages of an eRoad bike?

    A An eRoad bike offers support in all less loved situations of road cycling. For example, the engine considerably reduces the agony of riding uphill or in strong headwinds and crosswinds. The drive assistance can also be useful as an additional tailwind during training, whereby this can always be individually regulated via the assistance levels. The start when starting off is also much more powerful on an eRoad bike.

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